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The Health Benefits of Eating Fish

Regular fish consumption has several health benefits associated with it, including reduced risk of heart disease and various cancers. The health benefits of fish continue to be studied, much of the prevailing evidence suggests that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish have favorable effects on our health.

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Health Perks of Eggs

For years now, eggs have cracked several myths and old wives tales, having often been tagged as “dietary demons”. Common misconceptions have kept many people, especially those who

Trim Stubborn Belly Fat – Meet the MUFAs!

Stubborn belly fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and lowers your metabolism. Get rid of that fat and complement your weight loss regimen by adding

Great Gains from Six Whole Grains

If you’ve been used to eating refined grains all your life – from refined flour in your bread to refined white rice – then you’re missing out on

From Sugar to Honey, an Invigorating Switch

A healthier substitute for sugar is attracting a lot of buzz, literal or otherwise. Honey, that viscous liquid made by bees, is becoming the quintessential replacement for refined sugar

Your Own Food Revolution

Leafy greens and sit-down dinners are making a comeback across the country thanks in part to a food revolution that wants to reverse the slide in nutrition –

Alpha-Carotenes: The Golden Key to Longevity

Carrots, sweet potatoes and a host of other vegetables and fruits owe their golden hues to carotenes. But more than just providing color, several forms of this nutrient

When Salads Stop Being Sexy

Salads, in general, are supposed to be slimming because they are made from nutritious vegetables and fruits that are light on calories. But many of us can get carried

4 Ways Eating Slowly Can Help You Lose Weight

My love affair with food is still going strong, but over time I learned to slow down and enjoy my meals instead of speeding through them like an

The Deep Fried Truth

There is no denying that deep fried foods turned out to be one of the biggest food trends that broke out in 2009. Since its appearance in state