Eye Twitching Causes and Cures

Ever felt that strange feeling that causes your eyelids to suddenly start twitching on their own?

“Blepharospasm”, commonly known as eye twitching, happens when your eyelid muscles rapidly contract. In other instances, the eyelid may repeatedly close and re-open. This fairly widespread condition is characterized by involuntary blinking of the eye lids, often referred to as “blinking disorder”.


What are the common causes of eye twitching?

Cause: Eye twitching often occurs during stressful times. Stress can cause involuntary spasms causing eyelid ticks or twitches.

The Fix: De-stress! Several anti-stress or relaxing techniques, such as meditation and deep breathing, may reduce twitching.

Cause: Sleeplessness or overall fatigue is also a common cause of eyelid twitching.

The Fix: Get enough sleep. Catch up on your sleep and give yourself a chance to recuperate.

Cause: Eye strain or vision-related stress can trigger eye twitching. Squinting and prolonged use of a computer are common causes of vision-related stress.

The Fix: Your eyes may be working too hard. You may consider talking to your eye doctor.

Cause: Experts have linked too much caffeine or alcohol to eye twitches.

The Fix: Cutting back on caffeine or alcohol is worth a try. You may switch to decaf coffee or drink at least one cup per day.

Cause: Aging, hormonal changes, and several environmental factors cause your eyes to dry. Dry eyes are also common for people taking certain medications.

The Fix: Over the counter eye drops could help reduce the twitching caused by dry eyes, but it’s best to see your eye doctor for a dry eye evaluation.


Eye twitching is generally non-harmful and usually only lasts a day or two. In some serious cases, eye twitching can be a sign of neurological disorders, allergies, and other complications. MedlinePlus suggests you seek an eye care doctor if:

  • Eyelid twitching does not go away within 1 week
  • Twitching completely closes your eyelid
  • Twitching involves other parts of your face
  • You have redness, swelling, or a discharge from your eye
  • Your upper eyelid is drooping

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