The Deep Fried Truth

There is no denying that deep fried foods turned out to be one of the biggest food trends that broke out in 2009. Since its appearance in state food fairs, the deep fried food trend has been going strong and achieving moderate mainstream success.

Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashian actually made deep fried Oreos with late night host Jay Leno on his talk show. Other popular (or shall we say notorious?) creations include deep fried coke, deep fried Snickers, and even—gasp!—deep fried butter.

Now some consumers are smart enough to not pick up on the trend. Or are they?

When you think about it, the deep frying method of cooking is nothing new. It’s been done before. Doughnuts, tempura or even the seemingly harmless, vegetarian-friendly choice of fish and chips is deep fried. The truth is, majority of people consume more deep fried foods than they realize. Just because a food item does not have “deep fried” attached to its name does not mean it isn’t.

People who have only recently started becoming more health conscious may have already programmed their bodies to reject fast food fare such as cheeseburgers and super-sized soda. But they might order in Chinese take-out from time to time, seeing as they’re a different breed from Wendy’s and KFC. They might want to think again.

An article published in the Diet and Nutrition section of, Chinese restaurant food unhealthy, study says, uncovered the hidden dangers of the typical Chinese restaurant menu. They mentioned that some dishes are loaded with more sodium and calories than what is required in a normal adult’s diet.

But food establishments are not the only ones to blame. “Restaurants have a responsibility to provide options and they do but customers also have a responsibility to understand their own dietary needs and know how to make special requests,” said Sheila Weiss, director of nutrition policy a the National Restaurant Association.

It is precisely the lack of awareness in average consumers that does nothing but intensify the problem. Keep in mind that whatever your goal, whether it’s weight loss or healthy eating, it is best to stay away from deep fried foods. A diet that is largely made up of deep fried or breaded foods, which have high fat content, leads to a greater risk for high blood cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses.

It has been scientifically proven that people with diets rich in saturated fat and cholesterol most likely have increased total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. Southern fried chicken or breaded porkchop, for instance, are very high in fat due to the fact that they are cooked in fat. When foods that already contain saturated fat are prepared through frying, you just add more fat in them. It may take some time for your palate to adjust to non-fried foods, but skipping the frying pan will do your body good.

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  1. trent fullerton says:

    i have donuts on ocasion but i always limit, gota give my heart some tlc

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