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How to Prevent Premature Wrinkles
A handful of bad habits are linked to premature wrinkles so try to minimize or avoid them completely.[...] Read More

5 Fruits Great for Weight Loss
Got a craving for a TV snack or an after-meal dessert? Skip the junk food and grab some fruit instead, especially if you’re looking for great ways to compliment your weight loss diet. Fruits contai[...] Read More

No To Synthetic, Discover The Benefits of Natural Supplements
Did you know that many of the supplements you buy are synthetic? Or that many synthetic supplements are manufactured using cheap chemical compounds, such as nicotine, coal tar, and alloxal as a base?[...] Read More

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Why buy our Resveratrol supplements?

We offer complete transparency regarding our products, their ingredients and the studies that support our beliefs and product claims. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we offer an unconditional, full money-back, guarantee. Buy resveratrol today and see the PureandHealthy difference.

Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Modern scientific studies have uncovered Resveratrol's potential to enhance your body's metabolism, helping it burn calories faster. Resveratrol may provide benefits similar to the effects of a caloric restriction diet.

Look and Feel Younger

Resveratrol may have the ability to activate life extension genes in the body, called sirtuins, which have been found to help repair DNA and reduce cellular decay.

Pure Resveratrol

Many products on the market contain high levels of impurities and "filler" ingredients. Our resveratrol supplements consist of over 98% pure trans-resveratrol. They are rigorously tested for quality and purity and are among the highest quality resveratrol supplements available. Always look for the Purity Guarantee when you buy resveratrol.

Micronized Particles

The resveratrol we use in our products is micronized (meaning the individual resveratrol particles have been reduced to less than 2 microns) which helps the body to absorb it more efficiently.

Cited "Nature’s medicine for Cancer, Heart disease and much more" by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of, numerous studies have shown that resveratrol may provide a number of benefits that improve the quality of your life.

Improve the quality of life
with Res98
Resveratrol may provide benefits
similar to the effects of a caloric restriction diet.

Take Res98 and
experience the
benefits of caloric
restriction without the
Called "The wonder substance" by William J. Cromie of the Harvard News Office, Resveratrol is a molecule that can slow the aging of human cells. Studies show a protein called SIR2, allows yeast cells to survive 70 percent longer than

Retain the
vitality and
energy of youth
with Res98
One of the most dangerous effects of stress is increased pressure on the heart. Lab studies conducted by Harbin Medical University in China have found that resveratrol may play a part in preventing cardiotoxicity – damage to heart muscles.

Reduce the damage
caused by stress
with Res98

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